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It's Just A Game Moving Plans

So, from the results of the moving poll and from our own feelings, the mods have all decided that yes, we will be moving It’s Just A Game to Dreamwidth. We’re excited about the move, and are looking forward to lots more playing with you guys and all new players!

So, how is this all going to work out? Thankfully, since we’re a fairly small, comm-based game, and since we have a paid account at both DW and LJ, transitions should be smooth and quick. We’re in the process now of setting up the comm layouts, profiles and more on Dreamwidth. Here’s what we need you guys to do:


First, please COMMENT TO THIS POST WITH THE USERNAMES FOR YOUR CHARACTER’S DW JOURNALS! Whether you’re using the same name or have chosen a different one, we need to make sure we have all your usernames so that we can give you access to the new comms ASAP! We believe that usernames on DW are still free, but for today only! If you do not get a free account in time, let us know here and one of the mods or other players will get you an invite code so that you can make your account. Every new journal comes with an invite code, so you can continue to give yourself invite codes if you need multiples for multiple characters. In any case, please give us your usernames soon so that you can be added! You can reply to this post with this handy form:

If you absolutely feel that you will need to drop because of this move, then we will be very sorry to see you leave and will wish you the best of luck with your RP future. Please let us know here or on the drop post so that we’ll know not to ask after your characters. However, we hope that all players will be able to follow us over!

And obviously, once you've gotten your character names, make sure that you request membership to the DW comms: Logs, Cambot and OOC! AND, be sure to give access to and subscribe to the Mod Journal!


We know that moving all of your work over to a new site can be hectic and scary, so we’ll try to make this as easy and painless as possible. Once you’ve secured accounts for your characters, you should be able to quickly move over everything.

To import your content from your LJ to your DW:
On the DW homepage, go to Organize -> Import Content. On this page, follow the instructions and select everything you want to import. Once you’ve put it into the import queue, you can go ahead and continue tagging with that journal. You do not need to have the same username for both LJ and DW journals in order to just need to have the passwords for both accounts.

Since there’s a lot of importing going on at the moment, imports may be a bit slow or buggy. However, it should carry through eventually, and the DW staff will take any support tickets if your import gets messed up in any way.

To turn off custom comment pages:
To do this, go to Organize -> Manage Account. Click on Display and scroll down to Entry View Style. From there, you can choose whether or not to view pages in your style.

Regarding icons
If you are importing icons in your character journal, be aware that on free accounts, DW will only import up to 15. If you have more than 15 icons in your journal, it will then only import your default. If you want to use more than 15 icons, you will need to get a paid account for the journal (DW does it in terms of 100 icons or 250 icons).

If you have any more questions about this, feel free to ask the mods and we’ll do our best to answer them.


You guys can continue to tag here on LJ as much as you like up until Friday, January 6th. After that, we’ll be putting a tagging freeze on LJ since we’ll start importing the comm on Friday. However, you can immediately jump into tagging on the DW comms on Saturday, January 7th, where we’ll have a new week change up with an exciting new event and some other IC fun! You do not need to wait for the import to finish before tagging on Dreamwidth! We will let you know on DW as soon as the rest of the comm is fully imported over, so you can go back to backtagging older threads if you like.

Don’t worry at all about tags...tags will import over as well, so all your threads will be in the same place as they were on LJ.

Also, just for the sake of reference, basic HTML on DW (bold, italics, underline, links, colors and LJ-cuts) all use the same coding as LJ. You shouldn’t have to learn any complicated new coding in order to play the same as LJ.

And that’s it! If you’ve got any questions at all, please let us know! We’re really looking forward to the next few game weeks with you guys!
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